• The Confirm issue resolution step type is available for use in feedback bots exclusively.   
  • There is no logical use case to include it in any custom bot.  
A feedback bot can prompt your end-user to confirm whether their issue — now that it's marked as resolved — is really resolved.   
  • The text for this prompt can incorporate any number of placeholders (variables) that you choose. However, you are not obligated to use even one placeholder.  
  • The end-user can choose only Yes or No as their reply. You must configure what happens next in either case.  
  • You can set when this step expires — a duration that's measured in hours or days, for example. When you enable and configure an expiration, the countdown begins as soon as this step runs. Then, when this step expires for a particular conversation, your Helpshift instance stops waiting for the end-user to respond, and proceeds without having received any response. You must configure what happens next, after a bot step expires.  
  • Map User Reply to a Custom Issue Field (CIF) — Automatically set the value of a CIF to match the user reply.  

Pay close attention to grammar and diction in sentences that incorporate placeholders. Their actual output can differ from what you expect.