You can configure a custom bot or a feedback bot to trigger an external API request (GET, POST, or PUT) of your choosing.  

  • An administrator must configure and save an API request before it becomes available for you to choose.   
  • Administrators prepare and save external API requests at Settings > External API Requests > [+ NEW API REQUEST].   


Outcomes differ, depending on whether the request succeeds or fails.  
  • Success — Both of the following statements are simultaneously true.  
    • The API response code is 2XX.  
    • The response includes all of the keys specified.  
  • Failure — At least one of the following statements is true.  
    • The API response code is 3XX, 4XX, or 5XX.  
    • The returned response omits one or more of the keys specified.  

After you receive a response to an API call, your bot's next step can:  
  • use the outcome (the success or failure) for branching to any other step type.  
  • show the literal response to your end-user, in chat, by way of a variable (a "placeholder") — assuming that the next step type is either Get Information from User, Send a Message, or End Conversation Flow.  
  • show a series of clickable options to your end-user, in chat, such as the end-user's recent orders or payments — assuming that the next step type is Get Information from User.