When you configure a custom bot or a feedback bot, you can:  
  • choose among your custom issue fields (CIFs)  
  • set which of your CIF values should branch the conversational flow  
  • configure exactly how they should branch it   
For example:   

Suppose that — to help you comply with a regional law of some kind — one of your CIFs helps the end-user to affirm their age. You could then configure your bot logic to branch one way for users who are younger than 18 years old and branch some other way for users who are 18 and older. (In this example, the CIF response type would have to be either a number or a date.)  

We execute branching logic rules in the same order, per step, as you save them.  To adjust the order in which we execute your branching rules:  

1.   Edit a branching step.  
2.   Drag its rules to new positions in the list.  
3.   Save your changes.