• A bot is an autonomous program that interacts with people and/or systems.
  • Helpshift bots can do many of the same things that customer service agents do to resolve end-user issues and maintain positive customer relationships.
  • Each action (called a bot step) that a custom bot or a feedback bot performs frees your support team to approach more interesting, sensitive, or challenging problems.
  • The maximum number of steps per bot is 25.
  • Custom bots and feedback bots run within the larger context of an end-user's issue, receiving their respective issue assignments automatically when certain conditions are met.
    • Custom bots work exclusively on open issues.
    • Feedback bots work exclusively on resolved issues.
  • A feedback bot is very much like a custom bot, but its mandate is far narrower.
  • Visual Bot Builder is your no-code workspace for configuring custom bots and feedback bots.


Custom bots and feedback bots are discrete, customizable Helpshift programs, which execute simple — no-code — logic to do any of the following, and more.
  • Engage with your end-users conversationally, via chat or other supported channels.
    • Send messages, phrased manually or via text templates.
    • Present personalized options, and then act individually upon each end-user's favored choice.
    • Request information from the end-user, such as a date, a tracking number, or an email address.
    • Recommend Help Center articles that pertain to the issue under discussion.
  • Engage with your other bots programmatically, overlaying them in a logical matrix for versatility across scenarios.
  • Engage with external systems via API calls.
    • Submit predefined API requests to external systems.
    • Consume, act upon, and repurpose the received responses.
  • Update issue properties, such as custom issue fields, issue tags, or customer satisfaction scores.