When you delete an intent menu, you clear it from each app that is configured to use it.  

In the absence of their intent menu, these apps can present only a standard text entry field to your end-users.

Until you configure these apps to use a different intent menu, they do not use Smart Intents in any way.

Step 1.  Log in to your Helpshift instance as its administrator.

Step 2.  On the Helpshift toolbar, click SensAI (SensAI toolbar button).

The SensAI page opens. Depending on your feature entitlements and settings, the page shows two cards: Predict and Smart Intents.

Step 3.  On the Smart Intents card, click MANAGE SMART INTENTS ➔.

The Smart Intents page opens. On this page, the Intents tab is active by default.

Step 4.  Click the Intent Menus tab, instead.

The Smart Intents page opens. It shows one card apiece for each saved intent menu.

Step 5.  On the Smart Intents page, do the following.

a.  Find the card for the intent menu that you plan to delete.  

Deletion occurs immediately and is permanent.

b.  On the intent menu card, click the unlabeled "more" button (unlabeled "more" button). Then, from the shortcut menu, choose Delete.

The intent menu is deleted.