You can move intents between intent groups. When you do:
  • The moved intent is cleared from all intent menus.
  • You can restore the moved intent manually to any intent menu that should continue to show it.
Step 1.  Log in to your Helpshift instance as its administrator.

Step 2.  On the Helpshift toolbar, click SensAI (SensAI toolbar button).

The SensAI page opens. Depending on your feature entitlements and settings, the page shows two cards: Predict and Smart Intents.

Step 3.  On the Smart Intents card, click MANAGE SMART INTENTS ➔.

The Smart Intents page opens. On this page, the Intents tab is active by default.

The page shows a card for each intent group that you have created.

Step 4.  Locate the card for an intent group whose intent should be moved.

Step 5.  (Conditional) To expand the card when it is collapsed, click the toggle in its heading.

Toggle to expand a collapsed UI section
Step 6.  Do the following on the expanded intent group card.

a.  Determine which row describes the intent that should be moved.

b.  In that row, click the unlabeled "more" button (unlabled "more" button). Then, choose Change Group from the shortcut menu.

move an intent between intent groups
The Change Group dialog box opens.

c.  In the Change Group dialog box, from the Choose Group list, choose a new home for this intent.

d.  Click SAVE.

The intent is moved.