Step 1.  Log in to your Helpshift instance as its administrator.

Step 2.  On the Helpshift toolbar, click SensAI (SensAI toolbar button).

The SensAI page opens. Depending on your feature entitlements and settings, the page shows two cards: Predict and Smart Intents.

Step 3.  On the Smart Intents card, click MANAGE SMART INTENTS ➔.

The Smart Intents page opens. On this page, the Intents tab is active by default.

Step 4.  On the Intents tab, to begin creating a new intent group, click + NEW INTENT GROUP.

The New Intent Group sidebar opens from the right.

Step 5.  On the sidebar, do the following.

a.  In the Intent Group Name field, enter the name that your customer service organization will use internally to track all work pertaining to this intent group.

b.  In the Display Text field, enter the broad, categorical text that your end-users should see — such as "Gameplay" or "Billing" — which directs them to more specific options, including possibly their own intent.

c.  To save the empty intent group, click SAVE.

The sidebar closes, returning you to the Smart Intents page. An entry there for the newly created intent group indicates that the group is empty.

An intent group is of no practical use to you, or to your end-users, until you populate it with intents.

Step 6.  To begin populating your intent group, see Create an intent.