To monitor queue and team performance in real time, Helpshift administrators and supervisors can click Real-Time Operations on the Helpshift toolbar.
Real-Time Operations can help customer service leaders to multiply their effectiveness in any support organization that includes at least one dedicated team of live agents, or whose service workflows already use queues and auto-assignment.
Check your subscription contract or your most recent billing statement to learn if you have access to Real-Time Operations. These features are included in the Growth package and the Enterprise package, but not in the Starter package. To learn more, please, contact your Helpshift customer success manager at
  • Track the number of open issues per queue.
  • Watch for unusual trends.
  • Reallocate resources as needed.
  • Track the size of queue backlogs.
  • Plan for backlog management.
  • Prevent lapses in coverage during a shift.
  • Check agent availability.
  • Mark agents as available or away.
  • Set agent performance thresholds.
  • Check the number and type of assigned issues per agent.
  • Show agents if they are meeting team goals.
  • Quickly handle caseload spikes and anomalies.
  • Ensure that your agents aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Limit delayed agent responses.
  • Support live chat operations.
You can also click into metrics to review their corresponding issues via an automatically constructed advanced search statement.
As an administrator or supervisor, you can customize your Real-Time Operations view to show only the most important metrics for your team.
You can also compare averages between teams, pause live updates to review anomalies, and download data in CSV files for further analysis.