Helpshift implements three assignable user roles — administrator, supervisor, and agent.

An administrator is often the head of customer service or support operations for your brand. Upon receiving the "admin" user role, an administrator gains full access to use all administrative features on your Helpshift instance, including staff and end-user workflows, support operations, and the support settings for each app individually. Administrators can see and use every tool and feature, and can activate or deactivate levels of special access for select supervisors and agents. These areas of special access include the abilities to:
  • edit and manage articles and FAQs
  • update and reply to issues in bulk (bulk actions)
  • take ownership of old, unassigned issues
  • monitor Helpshift analytics and Power BI — supervisors only
  • monitor real-time operations — supervisors only
  • see end-user satisfaction survey ratings for their issues
  • manage queues — supervisors only
  • suggest which articles or FAQs agents might use in their replies to issues
  • create and manage Quick Replies
A supervisor generally leads at least one one customer support team. Upon receiving the "supervisor" user role, a supervisor can:
  • add, remove, and change the areas of specialization for any agent on any of their teams
  • create, delete, and edit agent groups within their teams
  • add and archive issue tags
  • block email addresses
A customer service agent uses all available features of Agent Dashboard to manage their assigned issues and areas of specialization.