To help provide our services, Helpshift engages with a set of subprocessors. A subprocessor is a third-party data processor engaged by Helpshift who has, potentially will have access to, or who will process Helpshift service data (which may contain personal data). This document goes over who these subprocessors are and how Helpshift engages with each of them to provide our services.

At Helpshift, security and personal privacy is paramount. Accordingly, we impose data protection terms on each subprocessor that we work with to maintain high security and to enforce data privacy. Details of our data processing policies in relation with the subprocessors we work with can be found in the Helpshift DPA (Data Processing Addendum).

Core third-party subprocessors

Helpshift works with the following third parties to provide specific functionality as part of our services. As part of this functionality, these services have or potentially will have access to or process Helpshift service data.

a tabular description of Helpshift sub-processors (Amazon; Mailgun; Apple; Google; Microsoft) and why/how we work with them

Affiliate subprocessors

Helpshift, Inc. is affiliated with Helpshift Technologies Pvt Ltd, in Pune India. Accordingly, Helpshift Technologies Pvt Ltd functions as subprocessor to provide Helpshift services and have or potentially will have access to, or process, Helpshift service data.