Each Helpshift purchase includes three prebuilt bots and a no-code tool for
developing "custom" bots of your own.

  • Identity Bot checks if a user's name and contact information are already on record. When they are not on record, Identity Bot requests them from the user and saves these details where customer service agents can use them.
  • QuickSearch Bot automatically parses the words that a user uses to name and describe their question or problem while filing an issue. Then, it compares these words to the published articles and FAQs in your app's Help Center. Within seconds, QuickSearch Bot recommends as many as three highly pertinent articles or FAQs — with links — to the user in chat. 
CUSTOM — A custom bot, being one that you make for your own purposes, can be made to do many things. Supported actions may include any combination of the following, and more.
  • send a message to a user, mixing free text and text templates
  • request information from a user, such as a date, a number, or an email address
  • branch the bot’s own logic, based on custom issue fields
  • submit predefined API requests to external systems and act upon
    their responses
  • recommend pertinent articles and FAQs to a user
  • update custom issue fields
  • present the user with a choice and act upon their choice
(Visual Bot Builder is your no-code tool for generating custom bots and feedback bots.)