Step 1.  Log in to Helpshift as its administrator.

Step 2.  On the Helpshift toolbar, click Issues.

Step 3.  In the navigation pane, scroll to either the SHARED SMART VIEWS area or the MY SMART VIEWS area to locate the Smart View whose filtering logic should include a CIF.

Step 4. Click the Smart View to select it. Then, to begin editing it, click the gear icon in its row.

Depending on which Smart View you selected, either the Update Smart View dialog box or the Update Shared Smart View dialog box opens.

Both of these dialog boxes support renaming a Smart View and/or updating its filter.

The Shared Smart Views dialog box additionally supports changing who can see and use its corresponding Smart View.

Step 5.  In the dialog box, to open a contextual menu of all the fields that your filtering logic for this Smart View might consider, click ADD FILTER.

Step 6.  In the contextual menu, scroll to the Custom Issue Fields area, and then click the CIF whose nature matches your intent.

Step 7.  From the newly expanded Select list, choose one of the options for value matching:
  • is
  • is not
  • is one of
  • is none of
  • is set
Step 8. (Conditional)
  • When your value-matching choice is either “is” or “is not,” choose one of the values that you added to the CIF when you prepared it.
  • When your value-matching choice is either “is one of” or “is none of,” choose as many of the values as match your intent.
  • When your value-matching choice is “is set,” there is no need to specify any value.
Step 9.  Click Update.