Step 1.  Log in to Helpshift as its administrator.

Step 2.  On the Helpshift toolbar, click Settings.

Step 3.  In the navigation pane, scroll to the WORKFLOWS area, and then click Custom Issue Fields.

The Custom Issue Fields page opens. 

Step 4.  On the Custom Issue Fields page, click + NEW FIELD.

The Select a Field Type dialog box opens. You must choose one of the datatypes that it describes.
  • drop-down
  • single line text
  • multi line text
  • number
  • checkbox
  • date
Step 5.  To choose a datatype, click Select in the corresponding row.

Another dialog box opens. Its name is consistent with the datatype that you chose.

Although some UI elements are identical for every datatype, others are distinct. For example, creating a CIF in the form of selectable but mutually exclusive options includes a step to define each option.

Step 6.  Complete the form to configure your new CIF. Then, click Save.

The dialog box closes. The list of all defined CIFs on your Custom Issue Fields page now includes your newly created CIF.