Agent Dashboard is the Helpshift user interface (UI) where customer service agents work their way through lists — called “views” — of customer service issues.

Factory-default views shows each agent which:
  • open issues are assigned to them personally, by name.
  • closed issues were assigned to them personally, by name.
  • open issues are assigned to any other agent but nonetheless mention them by name and may merit their involvement.
In addition, many administrators prepare custom "Shared Smart Views." These are pre-filtered lists of only the issues that meet certain criteria. The extent of their relatedness serves segmentation. For example, one Shared Smart View might include every open issue that has been routed to a particular queue but not yet assigned to one agent. Visibility for this example view could be configured to include all agent groups that support the specified queue.

Similarly, any agent can prepare any number of personal Smart Views.

Agent Dashboard is also the UI where an agent chats directly with the user who reported an issue, while the agent works to resolve this issue. (Chat features in Agent Dashboard are located at the bottom of the issue details pane.)