QuickSearch Bot is an automated article-recommendation service and chat bot — faster and more accurate than any human search.

When an end-user first initiates a chat via Helpshift, QuickSearch Bot:
  • observes — for in-app chat users and web chat users only — which of your brand’s apps the user appears to be using.
As of June 2021, this capability — recognizing which app someone is using — does not apply to any user who contacts your support team through an integrated social channel such as Facebook or Discord.
  • greets them automatically and prompts them to describe their support request.
  • uses artificial intelligence to quickly detect the user's language and understand the user's current need.
  • compares this understanding to article concepts and search terms in your knowledge base, identifying the most specifically relevant articles.
  • replies automatically in chat to the new support request, suggesting and linking to as many as three closely related Help Center articles.
  • prompts the user to confirm if these articles meet the current support need.
Only if the end-user responds that none of the recommended articles meet their current need does QuickSearch Bot generate an issue (a support ticket), which Helpshift begins to process and route according to its settings as you configured them.