The Helpshift Web Widget is created to seamlessly integrate modern support experiences into your website or web app. It allows you to provide efficient and personalized customer support without redirecting users to another page. By adding this widget, you can enable customers to find solutions to their questions on their own by accessing help center articles. If their issue is not resolved, they can also reach out to us via chat.

You can customize the widget to display relevant knowledge-base articles based on the page the user is currently viewing. This helps to reduce repetitive inquiries to your support team. You can easily add the Helpshift Widget to your website or help center for a smooth user experience, positioning it at the bottom right corner.

Benefits of using the Helpshift Web Widget

  • Effortless Integration
    Embed Helpshift’s advanced support features directly into your website or web app, enhancing user
    experience without disrupting workflow. With a simple plug-and-play setup, you can quickly deploy
    the widget and start offering top-notch support to your users.

  • Integrated Help Center and Web Chat
    Helpshift Web Widget offers a comprehensive support solution; users can seamlessly access
    relevant articles, conduct searches, and engage in real-time conversations with AI chatbots or live
    support agents without leaving your website. This dynamic functionality keeps users engaged and ensures quick access to valuable resources and immediate assistance.

  • Enhanced User Context
    Access to relevant user information is essential for providing truly personalized support. Helpshift Web Widget captures and transfers valuable user context to empower your support team to deliver more efficient and personalized assistance.

  • Customizable Interface
    Helpshift Web Widget allows you to customize the interface to reflect your brand's unique identity. From choosing between compact and full-window modes to customizing the widget's visual identity and language settings, you can control how the widget appears on your website. This level of customization enhances brand consistency and ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Using Helpshift Widget

To use the Helpshift Web Widget, please refer to our Developer Documentation.