This is the world’s first and only support integration with Discord. Helpshift’s Discord integration supports custom bots, feedback bots, and Smart Intents with support for automatic intent assignment, customer satisfaction surveys, and two-way communication. With this, Discord users can receive official support simply by sending a message to the Discord bot or tagging it in any channel. After receiving that message, a customer service agent or a Helpshift bot can handle the issue and show a customer satisfaction survey when the conversation has ended — as illustrated below. Support workflow could be further automated with the help of Custom bots and Smart Intents. Your agents can handle tickets across channels in the Agent Dashboard.


At this time, the integration has a few known limitations:

  • Attachments are limited to 8MB due to Discord’s guidelines.

  • Custom bots within Discord don’t support:

    • API Requests to create a list of options

    • Action cards

    • FAQ Steps if added will be skipped

  • Quicksearch Bot and Identity Bot aren’t supported.

Become a registered Discord developer

  1. Go to​ Discord Developer Portal — API Docs for Bots and Developers .

  2. Complete the necessary steps to register as a Discord developer.

  3. Make sure that you are logged in.

Prepare a Discord Bot

Topics in this section explain how to prepare your Discord Bot.

  1. Create a Discord application

  2. Create a Discord Bot

  3. Link your bot to your server

Create a Discord application

A Discord application is the necessary context in which a Discord Bot runs.

  1. In the Applications area, click ​New Application.
    The Create an Application popup window opens.

  2. As prompted, enter a name for your new application. Then, click ​Create.


    The application name is independent from any username that your bot should show during chat sessions. There is no requirement that these names must match.

    Nonetheless, we recommend that their names should correlate in some way. This best practice simplifies their ongoing use and maintenance.

Create a Discord Bot

  1. On the dashboard for your new Discord application, click ​Bot​ in the Settings list.

  2. Under Build-A-Bot section, you can configure following and the same will be visible to all users of the linked Discord server:

      1. Bot icon

      2. Banner

      3. Username

  3. You will need Token to be available with you to complete the integration. If you do not already have a token, click on Reset Token to get a new token.

    1. Once you click on Reset Token you will be prompted to confirm RESET BOT'S TOKEN? click on Yes, do it!

    2. A new token will be generated. Copy it and keep it for further use.

  4. Turn off the Public Bot​ toggle.
    By turning it off, you prevent unauthorized users from importing your bot into other Discord servers.

Link your bot to your server

  1. Click OAuth2​ in the Settings list.

  2. In the Scopes area, check the Bot checkbox.

  3. In the Bot Permissions area, to set any essential bot permissions, check ​AT LEAST​ the following three checkboxes.

    • In the General Permissions set, check ​View Server Insights

    • In the Text Permissions set, check Send Messages

    • In the Text Permissions set, check Attach Files

  4. Copy the URL available under the Generated URL section.
    What you have copied is an invitation link.

  5. Using either a new browser window or new browser tab, follow the invitation link that you just copied.
  6. To add your Discord Bot to a server that you oversee, choose its name from the Add to Server list.
  7. Click Authorize​.
  8. When the server prompts you to solve a ​CAPTCHA​, do so.
    Your bot then joins your preferred Discord server, where it appears (as offline) in the members list.
    Note: The bot does not come online until a you complete integration steps in Helpshift. The next procedure in this guide explains how to integrate Discord with Helpshift.

Integrate Discord with Helpshift

Follow the steps below to integrate Discord with Helpshift

  1. Add the Discord platform to the Helpshift dashboard.

    1. Discord platform could be added to the already existing app by clicking on the Add Platform button under the setting.

    2. For new app Discord platform is also available to choose under the platforms.

  2. Click on Integrate to complete the integration.

  3. A modal with 2 step integration will open.

  4. Add previously copied Discord Bot Token in the Discord Bot Token input box and click on next.

  5. Once the Discord bot token step is successful, you will have a list of servers available under the Discord Server section. Choose the server where the Discord bot is added and needs to be integrated with the Helpshift app & click on Integrate.

  6. Once the integration is successful, the Discord bot will come online, and in Helpshift, you will have the option to configure the Discord Integration support experience.

  7. Click on Configure. Under the Support Experience tab, you will see your Discord bot name, ID, Avatar and About.
    Note: You cannot edit these details in Helpshift.

  8. You can also configure Automatic Intent Assignment if required.

  9. Under the Resolution Experience tab, you can configure Feedback Bot.

Known limitations

  • Any user message sent in a public channel on Discord cannot then be transferred to a private message. This is a Discord limitation.

  • A user’s file attachments cannot be any larger than 8MB. This is a Discord limitation.

  • Helpshift cannot capture, and therefore Agent Dashboard does not show, Discord user edits to messages that Helpshift already received and added to the conversational history.

  • Any Discord user can have only one open and active Helpshift issue at a time, which was created in Discord. Even when their active conversations cover a multitude of subjects, all of these conversations are collapsed together into a single issue.

  • When your Helpshift instance is configured to send a customer satisfaction survey after an issue is resolved, but the Discord user returns an unexpected response, the resolved issue is closed and a new issue is created.

    • While running in Discord, Helpshift custom bots do not support action cards or API requests that create lists of options.

    • While running in Discord, Helpshift automations skip over any FAQ steps.

    • Quicksearch Bot and Identity Bot are not supported within Discord.