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Enable Web Chat on Help Center

You can now enable web chat as a contact option for your customers on Help Center from the admin dashboard in a few clicks.  It is powered by bots and automation, providing fast and efficient support to your customers.

Simply navigate to app settings, then proceed to the Web Support Portal section. From there, select the web chat widget as preferred contact option, and you’ll be all set! Learn More.

Enabling Web chat from admin dashboard

Customer view

Smart Intents Enhancement: Import & Export Messages for non-English

Smart intents will be easier to train across a variety of languages. With this update, brands will be able to bulk import and export training messages in the different languages supported by the AI, making it easy to train smart intents across multiple languages in minutes.

Smart FAQs: Ability to pass developer set Custom Issue fields in issues

With this enhancement, you will be able to capture developer set CIFs (Custom Issue Fields) in issues generated by Smart FAQs in the app which will:

  • Enable agents to view enriched information in smart FAQ issues
  • Help you setup advanced automation for smart FAQ issues
  • Much more

Refer developer documentation for implementing above -

Note - We would like to inform you that the usage of the "customIssueFields" key will be deprecated soon. We strongly recommend transitioning to using the "cifs" key as the preferred method for passing custom issue fields.

Coming Soon

Many exciting Helpshift features and enhancements are under active development, approaching their release. To learn more about anything we describe here, please contact

New look for Integrations dashboard

Over the next few months, we will be revamping the Integrations page, making it easier to find and manage all of the available integrations. It will include all integrations that can be managed and set up directly, as well as those that require additional support from our team to set up.

Improved design for SDK X Help Center

We are revamping our SDK X Help Center, making it even easier to navigate and read the FAQs, both in Portrait and Landscape mode. This will help the users to easily access the required information and solve their problems.

SDK X v10.2.0 for Cocos2dx

SDK X v10.2.0 will be supporting Cocos2dx soon! This release will include all the  features and bug fixes available till now, details of which will be added in developer documentation with the release.

Features available with this version:

Outbound Support
Enable customer support teams to proactively engage users to provide better customer service and resolve their issues  faster through the in-app customer service experience. Learn more

OS Updates
For latest OS Support for Android 13 and iOS 16 we recommend updating to this version. Details on changes and impact can be found here.

Support for Xamarin plugin will be released in Q3 2023.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to learn more.

Usage Report in your Helpshift dashboard

We will soon be introducing a new usage report on the analytics dashboard! This report will provide valuable insights into key usage metrics, allowing you to track important trends on a monthly basis and year over year comparison. We will be sure to keep you informed of any updates and look forward to providing you with this new report soon.