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Saving Agent Time with "Go to Top" Arrow Button

Agents can now be more efficient with the ability to quickly scroll to the top of a conversation. Often when reviewing a case, agents need to scroll to the top of the conversation to read and understand the full context. If the conversation is long, it takes time to scroll to the top. To make this easier, we are introducing the ‘Go to Top’ arrow button. With just a single click, agents/supervisors will reach the topmost response. This will work in pair with our existing ‘Go to Bottom’ arrow button.

Email Limits When Sharing Issue, Using CC, or Email Preview

In order to ensure Email service from Helpshift remains reliable, secure, and to prevent mis-use of outgoing email features for spam, we have introduced limits on the following features that generate outgoing spam.

  • Share issue via email
  • CC email
  • Preview email

The limits on each of these features are set such that they can be used for the intended purpose without any problems. For more info on the features and their limits, visit here: Share issue via email, CC email, and Preview email.

Coming Soon

Many exciting Helpshift features and enhancements are under active development, approaching their release. To learn more about anything we describe here, please contact

Enable Web Chat on Help Center

Exciting news! A new feature is coming soon to enhance your customer’s experience on the web support portal. You will soon be able to turn on web chat on your help center page providing your customers with fast and efficient support powered by bots and automations. It is just one switch away, making it incredibly simple to add web chat as an option for your customers.

Smart Intents Enhancement: Import & Export Messages for Non-English

Smart intents will be easier to train across a variety of languages. With this update, brands will be able to bulk important and export training messages in the different languages supported by the AI, making it easy to train smart intents across multiple languages in minutes.

Smart FAQ Enhancement: Adding Attachments

We will soon be adding attachments as a capability to Smart FAQs. Your customers will be able to attach relevant files to their queries, providing the support team with the necessary context to offer better assistance. E.g. payment-related matters often require additional context to address queries more effectively.

New Look for Integrations Dashboard

Over the next few months, we will be revamping the Integrations page, making it easier to find and manage all of the available integrations. It will include all integrations that can be managed and set up directly, as well as those that require additional support from our team to set up.