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User Identity Verification

At Helpshift, Security and Privacy is top of mind for our customers. Did you know about our User Identity Verification feature? This is an out of the box security measure which verifies that all requests made from within your app or Web Chat widget are coming from authentic end users. This ensures that unauthorized parties cannot perform malicious actions, such as filing issues on behalf of your users, or updating their personal information. Implementing this feature further enhances the existing layer of security over interactions between Customer Agents and End users and helps our Customers to:

  • Independently and seamlessly verify the end users' identity
  • Reduce the number of Spam issues from being generated in the Customer’s Helpshift Dashboard

Learn more here or for further questions, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us at

End of Life and End of Support for Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <7.x.)

End of Life and End of Support Notice: As we have previously announced, Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <7.x.x.) will see end of support as of 31 March 2023. Helpshift will no longer release any new features or bug fixes for SDK versions lower than 10.0.0. End users will still be able to submit issues through older SDK versions, but support for those versions will no longer be provided by Helpshift. Learn more here.

Please work with your developers to update to our latest SDK X version as soon as possible. Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to learn more.

Remove Unused Dropdown Values in Custom Issue Fields (CIF)

You can now remove a CIF in the dropdown menu if a value  is not used in any of the workflows! Additionally, you can distinguish used CIF values from unused ones with a visual cue in the admin console making it easier for you to manage all of your CIFs across your workflows.

SDK X 10.2.0 for React Native

SDK X v10.2.0 will now also support React Native! This release includes all the  features and bug fixes available till now, details of which can be found in developer documentation.

Features available with this version:

Outbound Support
Enable customer support teams to proactively engage users to provide better customer service and resolve their issues  faster through the in-app customer service experience. Learn more

OS Updates
For latest OS Support for Android 13 and iOS 16 we recommend updating to this version. Details on changes and impact can be found here.

Support for Cocos2dx and Xamarin plugins will be released in Q2 2023.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to learn more.

New Bot Step to Update Issue Fields

Helpshift's bots got better with the "Update Issues" step. With this addition, you can add/update the following:

  • CIFs
  • Tags
  • Private notes

These fields can be updated anywhere within the bot workflow, and meaningful customer journeys can be defined without having to create multiple bots.

Cookie Notification in Help Center

This enhancement to the Help Center will help our customers to meet regulatory requirements for cookie collection in the web Help Center.

To ensure that the users are fully informed about the cookies collected,  a notification banner will be displayed on the Help Center that provides required details. Before collecting any cookies, consent of the users is ensured. Learn more here.

FAQ Editor Updates - Phase 2

In our quest to modernize FAQ management experience, we have further added some key updates to the FAQ editor. This will help you with a smoother content creation experience, and make it easier to update/ create FAQs. Below are some key additions:

  • Ability to add tables
  • Ability to add table of contents
  • Resizable images in FAQ content
  • Much more powerful copy paste to retain formatting of source
  • Extensive text formatting options like text color, text highlighting, subscript, superscript and much more

Note: Currently, full features are available to growth and enterprise customers. Refer to the support article for more details.

Coming Soon

Many exciting Helpshift features and enhancements are under active development, approaching their release. To learn more about anything we describe here, please contact

Smart Alerts for Smart Intent Training Messages

We at Helpshift understand the importance of providing unparalleled customer service experiences to businesses. Helpshift offers a wide range of tools, such as FAQs, automation, bots, quick reply, smart intents, etc. to enhance the customer service experience. However, we recognize that brands sometimes struggle to properly maintain these entities and stay up-to-date with necessary practices.

We're excited to announce the development of a comprehensive alert system designed to help our customers get the most out of our product. The alert system will proactively address potential issues and notify users of any necessary actions that need to be taken to keep their system running smoothly and take advantage of all the benefits that Helpshift offers.

The first iteration of this project will focus on improving the predictive performance of your intents by suggesting potential training messages for approval.

A limited number of training messages can negatively impact the predictive performance of an intent. The goal of the alerts system is to make it easier for you to provide additional training messages by suggesting them to you for approval. This will allow you to improve the accuracy of your Smart Intent menus, leading to a better overall experience for your users.

Scroll to the Top of an Issue

Currently, while going through an Issue, agents/supervisors might need to scroll to the top of the conversation and read each response to understand the full context. If the conversation is long, it takes time to scroll to the top. To make this more efficient, we are introducing the ‘Go to Top’ arrow button. With just a single click, agents/supervisors will reach the topmost response. This will work in pair with our existing ‘Go to Bottom’ arrow button!