The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to enable cookie notifications on your web help center. Using cookie notifications, you can inform users that only necessary cookies are collected on the web help center and capture the consent from the user.
Cookies are one of the many ways Helpshift collects information on the web Help Center. According to various regulatory requirements, taking consent from the user before collecting cookies is the best practice.

The cookie notification feature will help you enable/disable the notification for users on the web help center.

Enabling cookie notifications on Web Help Center

Follow the steps given below to enable cookie notification on Web Help Center:

  1. On the Helpshift toolbar, click Settings.

  2. Then, in the navigation pane, scroll to the SUPPORT SETTINGS area and click on the Web Support Portal option.
  3. On the Web Support Portal page, scroll to the Web Support Portal Settings section.

  4. Turn On the toggle for Cookie Notification.

Note: Only Admins can turn on/off the toggle as per the requirement.

End User Experience

When the toggle is turned on, end users will see a cookie notification pop-up appear on their screens.

The pop-up will disappear for that session after clicking on the "Understood" button.