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SDK X v10.2.0 with Outbound Support, OS Updates & more

SDK X v10.2.0 is now available! This release also includes bug fixes, details of which can be found in developer documentation for iOSAndroid.

New Feature: "Outbound Support" will enable customer support teams to proactively engage users to provide better customer service and resolve their issues faster through the in-app customer service experience.

Designed to augment the Modern Support Journey, some key use cases for Outbound Support include:

  • Proactively engaging with VIP customers ensures a high level of personalization support
  • Proactively offering support to a user when there has been suspicious activity on their account preemptively avoiding potential fraud activity
  • Closing the loop with end users that had previously reported a bug for feedback that is now resolved, altering users of updates and improvements to their experience

Other features that will be available with this release:

OS Updates
For latest OS Support for Android 13 and iOS 16, we recommend updating to this version. Details on changes and impact can be found, here.

Camera Permission dependency removal in iOS
This update will also remove the need for the App to declare permission on the App store in order for the end users to upload attachments.

Contact Us button visibility
The ability to allow developers to configure the user segments for which the contact us button is visible will be available. This was supported in Legacy SDK and will now be available in SDK X.

Finally, we have previously announced End of Life and End of Support Notice for Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <7.x.x.) which will see end of life as of 31 Dec 2022 and end of support as of 31 March 2023. Learn more here.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to learn more

Smart FAQ - General Release

What happens when your users do not find answers after going through the FAQs? In most cases, they discover ways to reach out to support without providing a lot of context of their problem. That is going to change with this new feature called ‘Smart FAQs’ that allows your end users to fill in a Smart Form that creates an issue and collects contextual information, right within the FAQ experience.

With Smart FAQs, you can capture the context right at the point of origination leading to:

  • A great end-user experience - potentially reduces churn rate
  • Faster issue resolution by agents
  • Enhanced CSAT/ resolution experience

Some key use cases which customers are using it for:

  • Lost game progress
  • Collect feedback
  • Report inappropriate usernames
  • Submit ideas
  • Purchase-related issues
  • Report bugs
  • and many more…

Quick Search Bot Reporting

Last month, we added Quick Search Bot Reporting to the Billing Dashboard. This month, we have added Quick Search Bot Reporting in the Analytics Dashboard. Below is the list of metrics that are available:

  • Analytics Dashboard
    • Quick Search Bot Invocations
    • FAQ Suggested
    • Suggested FAQs Read
    • Quick Search Bot Resolution
  • Billing Dashboard
    • Quick Search Bot Resolutions

Search Capability in External APIs Page

We have added search capability in "External API Requests" page. Owing to multiple external API configurations, it might become difficult for admins to search for a particular API. With this change, now the admins can use the "Search" option to access relevant APIs. This also enables searching for a particular type of API like GET, POST etc. This will help the admins to quickly search , modify and check through a long list of APIs.


Coming Soon

Many exciting Helpshift features and enhancements are under active development, approaching their release. To learn more about anything we describe here, please contact

Rich Branching in Bots

We will soon release an enhancement on branching in bots. This will provide extensive customizability for customers using bots in their workflows. With rich branching, brands can filter on conditions such as intents, languages, and tags and custom issue fields allowing for easier management of your workflows in one single bot.

Smart Intents - Automatic Intent Assignment

Currently, when end-users reach out for support, Helpshift's Smart Intents serves as a way to quickly and effortlessly classify their issue. With this enhancement, Smart Intents will now be able to understand the user intent from their typed message without them selecting an intent upfront giving your users an even more personalized and automated customer service experience.

ETA: Early November, 2022

WhatsApp Integration

The stakes are increasing in customer experience and more and more, customers are reaching out to support across multiple channels. Messaging services like WhatsApp are quick, and relatively uncomplicated apps that enhance customer service and provide a personalized experience. WhatsApp is being used by 2.5 billion people worldwide in over 100 countries. We are happy to announce that Helpshift will soon be providing an integration with WhatsApp!

Feature Overview

  • Easy to set up WhatsApp Integration within Helpshift
  • Resolution questions, workflow for reopened issues and CSAT
  • New issue automation & Time-based automation
  • Agent experience to support issues over WhatsApp

Join the Helpshift WhatsApp Integration early access program by filling out this form or reach out to your customer success manager.

Help Center 2.0 Banner Customization and Enhancements

Retaining brand identity and providing seamless Help Center experience for players just got better with our upcoming additions under branding and customization settings for Help Center.

Feature Overview:

  • Granular height adjustments for banner image
  • You will be able to customize the size of the greetings text
  • Banner greeting text color is now customizable. You will be able to set the greeting text color that goes well with your brand's identity
  • Search placeholder text is now customizable - You will be able to set the placeholder copy of your needs.