Please note: changes that you make to the Queues and Teams listed on the Real-Time Operations page are only reflected for your individual view. It does not affect the Queues and Teams displayed to other team members. Each individual team member can configure this setting for themselves.

To customize the Queues and Teams that are listed on this page, click the settings icon to the top right of the metric table you’d like to customize.

You will be presented with the option to edit the table to display selected Queues or Teams instead of all of them. Click the radio button to the left of ‘Selected Queues/Teams’ to select this option.

For our example, we will edit the Queue Performance table. However, these exact same steps can be used to edit the Team Performance table.

After you click this button, a new button ‘+Queues/Teams’ will appear on the right. Click that button to open a prompt to select the Queues/Teams you’d like to display.

Once you click ‘Save’, your Real-Time Operations page will update to only display the selected Queues and Teams.

Please note: when editing which Teams appear on the Real-Time Operations Page, you will have the option to select Agent Groups in addition to individual team members.