You may come across scenarios where the user attaches objectionable content in the screenshots, and it becomes a COPPA concern. The enableFullPrivacy flag will help prevent you from collecting such content.

Turning on this flag will perform 3 actions:

  1. Disable user-initiated screenshots – users cannot send images without being prompted to by an Agent.
  2. Prevents your Helpshift Dashboard from collecting any of the following personal information:
    • Mobile carrier name/code
    • Country code
    • Custom metadata that is labeled “private-data” (If you have any personally identifiable information contained in metadata, please make sure you add it to the “private-data” dictionary in the metadata. This information will not be passed through if full-privacy mode is enabled.)
  3. Disables email and name collection while a user is submitting a new Issue. (Please note: This is only applicable for SDK v6.1.0 and above.)

For more information, refer your developer to our developer documentation on enableFullPrivacy for iOS and Android. Please note that this flag should only be used to mitigate potential COPPA concerns.

This flag is available from SDK v4.9.0+ for iOS and v3.6.0+ for Android.