You can customize almost all of the strings in the Helpshift SDK from the HelpshiftLocalizable.strings (iOS) and hs_strings.xml (Android) file with additional internationalization options.

More information on String customization can be found in our developer documentation for iOS and Android.

Please note: If you’re using Cocoapods, you can find the HelpshiftLocalizable.strings file in the Helpshift Pod resources (For version 5.7.0 and above, HsLocalization.bundle will be used). If you customize the strings in that file, those strings will be overwritten the next time you upgrade your Helpshift SDK version. We recommend:

  • Making sure you back-up any customized strings or translations, so you can migrate the values back into the new string files.
  • Adding these customizations in the version control system. That way when you upgrade Helpshift, you can see what changes have been made and revert them if needed.