There are a few reasons why you might face formatting issues/errors during the FAQ bulk update. Make sure that you’re following all the guidelines below when preparing your CSV:

  1. Column data should be separated by commas.
  2. Rows should be separated by line breaks.
  3. Strings containing double quotes should have these quotes escaped, or replaced by single quotes.
  4. Strings containing commas should be encapsulated in double quotes.
  5. If you include special characters in your spreadsheet that you need to convert to CSV to upload into Helpshift, you will need to export or save your file as Unicode (UTF-8). Open Office (free), Numbers (Mac), or Google Sheets will all be able to do this.
  6. If you edit your CSV using Excel, an incompatible program, or non-Unicode document — or copy-paste from any of these types of documents — you may see errors. Please use Ctrl-Shift-V (PC), or Command+Shift+V (Mac) to strip all formatting when copy/pasting text into your CSV.
  7. If you change the file name or any column names, the FAQs may not be updated, or may throw errors when imported. Whenever you export the CSV, make sure to edit it, save it and upload it again without changing the file names or header titles.