Copying formatting from another source and pasting it into the FAQ editor can sometimes add incompatible formatting from the original source. This causes problems when rendering FAQs for end users.

To fix any FAQs that may have incorrect text formatting, copy-paste the text as follows:

  1. Ctrl/Command+A (PC/Mac select all text)
  2. Ctrl/Command+X (PC/Mac cut)
  3. Ctrl/Command+Shift+V (PC/Mac special paste to strip formatting)

Do this on all of your existing FAQs, and correct the formatting as you go by adding in line breaks or deleting any extra (within the FAQ editor).

This will ensure your FAQ appears consistently with your chosen formatting. Next time you create a new FAQ, remember to use this pasting technique to strip all existing formatting.

If you’re encountering problems with formatting when using Insert-FAQ, please see Why is the formatting incorrect when using Insert-FAQ?