The built-in search engine for Helpshift knowledge base articles can return highly relevant matches even when the submitted query:

  • Uses different terminology than, or different spelling than, your brand uses.
  • Omits literal matches for even one word from the article body or article title.

This sophistication is made possible through your careful use of search terms while developing (creating) or updating (editing) an article.

For example, suppose that your in-game currency is called Jems. However, some of your less experienced players are more accustomed to the standard spelling, “gems.” In this case, you might want to enter “gems” as a search term for each of your articles about in-game currency.

TIP: Any search term can include more than one ordinary word.

  1. Enter keywords in the Search Terms field to improve the likelihood that even a flawed query can still return meaningful results.
  2. Use a comma to separate search terms. (We enclose search terms in quotation marks automatically, based on your use of commas.)
  3. Click Save.