To create new FAQs in bulk, proceed as follows:

1. Create empty placeholder FAQs in your Helpshift Dashboard. To do so, simply navigate to the FAQs page, then click the ‘+New FAQ’ button from within the FAQ Section you’d like to create a new FAQ for.

The purpose of this step is simply to generate the Publish ID for the new FAQ, so you will only need to add minor placeholder content to the ‘Answer’ field, then save the new FAQ.

2. Once all of the new placeholder FAQs are created, follow the steps in our FAQ on bulk updating FAQs to export and add content to those placeholder FAQs.

Please note: the Publish IDs for the placeholder FAQs in the Dashboard and the updated FAQs in the CSV must be an exact match, or the FAQs will not be updated.

The purpose of this two-step process is to create the new Publish IDs, then add the new FAQs’ Publish IDs within the CSVs for bulk updating.

Why can’t I simply create new FAQs from a CSV file?

The inability to create new FAQs from a CSV also serves as a safety precaution. If you were to use the wrong Publish IDs by mistake, it could potentially be difficult to clean up. With this method, you have more control over the process, and a warning will appear if you attempt to update FAQs with Publish IDs that do not match.