The first step to bulk updating your FAQs is to export the ones you’d like to update as a CSV or HTML file. To learn how, see How do I export FAQs?

As a note, you cannot use CSV/HTML to create FAQs in bulk – you will need to create them manually to be able to bulk edit them later. To create new FAQs, see How do I create FAQ sections & articles?

Once you’ve exported the FAQs, open the file in a compatible editor and make any changes necessary. A few things to keep in mind while editing:

  • The ‘Published?’ field can be True/False only
  • The ‘id field’ refers to the publish-id visible in admin/faqs in both FAQ and section CSV files (the ones you would have initially exported for update)
Editing FAQs via CSV

If you edit your CSV using Excel, an incompatible program, or non-Unicode document, you may see errors. This includes copy-pasting from these types of documents. Please use Ctrl+Shift+V (PC), or Command+Shift+V (Mac) to strip all formatting while transferring data from other documents.

Also, while opening or saving the files, if it prompts you to select a field delimiter, select commas – this will correct problems you’re facing with cells and formatting.

Saving in Unicode (UTF-8) will preserve your document for importing. We recommend using Open Office (free), Numbers (Mac), or Google Sheets to do this. You will also need to use one of these programs if you include special characters (from another language, for example) in your spreadsheet that you need to convert to CSV to upload into Helpshift.

Before importing your newly revised FAQs via CSV, please make sure that the FAQ article file is in the following format:

| id | published? | Original FAQ Title | Translated FAQ Title | Original FAQ Content | Translated FAQ Content |


The FAQ section file should be in the below format:

| id | Original Section Name | Translated Section Name |


If you encounter issues when attempting to edit or upload your CSV file, please see Why am I having issues with my CSV file?

Editing FAQs via HTML

You can edit your HTML files via a text editor program, such as TextEdit. Please note that you cannot update section name translations or published state using HTML format. Please use CSV format if you need to do so.

Before importing your newly revised FAQs via HTML, please make sure that the FAQ files are in the following format:

zip file > language folder (e.g. en) > xx_faq_yy.html – where ‘xx’ is the language code and ‘yy’ is the publish id of the FAQ.

Please note: even if you set the publish ID to true, this only publishes the FAQs in certain languages, and does not update the master ‘Published’ toggle on the FAQ editor page. You must manually enable the master toggle to publish this FAQ in all languages. This is because you must have an English translation in place before you can publish the same FAQ in different languages.

When you’re ready to import your newly edited FAQs, see How do I import FAQs?