An informative and well-formatted set of articles is key to successfully resolving customer Issues and deflecting support inquiries. Our built-in FAQ editor allows you to apply the following formatting options to your articles:

  • Formatted text (bolditalics, underline)
  • Bulleted points
  • Hyperlinks
  • Embedded images (GIFS, PNG, JPG)
  • Embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo URLs)

You can add all of this formatting via the toolbar of the FAQ editor. For example, to embed video content, simply click the video icon in that toolbar.

Detailed steps on how to embed a video can be found here: How do I include a video in an FAQ?

With regard to content, we recommend the following guidelines when drafting questions and answers:

    • Use positive language let the user know what your app can do, not what it can’t do. This is best done by avoiding negative verbs such as “can’t”, “won’t”, and “aren’t”.
    • Be conciseprovide useful content that is easy for users to digest. Be conscious of the fact that they are on a mobile device, so remove unnecessary words and phrases.
    • Use images and videos – many users learn visually, so images, videos and GIFs can aid their comprehension.
    • Optimize your search – while Helpshift’s search is semantic-based to automatically render relevant results, it always helps to incorporate the right terms and keywords users are more likely to search for, as they often use this function first. To learn how to add keywords, see How do I add keywords to an FAQ?